"World class diving on the doorstep to Fraser Island"


"World class diving on the doorstep to Fraser Island"

Hello and Welcome

Wolf Rock Dive Centre is situated in the picturesque little beachside town of Rainbow Beach, Queensland just a 3-hour drive north of Brisbane and 2 hours’ drive south of Hervey Bay. It is at the top end of the Sunshine Coast just north of Noosa and our nearest neighbor is the world’s largest sand island Fraser Island.

Located just off Double Island Point, Wolf Rock has long been considered one of the best dives in Australia and a must do for your itinerary if you intend travelling up or down the East Coast of Australia. So, what makes Wolf Rock special…

Grey nurse sharks are found here all year round. The numbers vary according to their lifecycle and the largest numbers are always seen from Spring through to Autumn. The winter months we tend to see less numbers of sharks but then you get the bonus of the humpback whale migration. Manta rays can be seen at any time of the year however the months of April, May and June they are more prevalent. In the warmer months we are joined by the leopard sharks and we see eagle rays and giant Queensland groper all year round. Apart from that we see three different species of turtle, schools of pelagic and we also have all the little stuff like nudibranchs, colourful tropical fish, hard and soft corals, octopus, moray eels, sea snakes and so on.

Whether you’re into wide angle or micro there is something here for everyone. If this sounds like your kind of dive, then we hope to see you very soon!


Wolf Rock Dive – 8

February 26, 2016


Wolf Rock Dive – 7

February 26, 2016


Wolf Rock Dive – 6

February 26, 2016


Wolf Rock Dive – 5

February 26, 2016


Wolf Rock Dive – 4

February 26, 2016


Wolf Rock Dive – 3

February 26, 2016


Wolf Rock Dive – 2

February 26, 2016


Wolf Rock Dive – 1

February 26, 2016

Dive Sites

Wolf Rock is one of the most exciting dives in Australia and will perhaps be one of the most exciting dives you ever do. For this reason, all daily dive charters are to Wolf Rock.

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Dive Charters

Charters to Wolf Rock run on a daily basis weather permitting. As a rule start time at the shop is always 8am and we normally get back to the shop around 2 – 2.30pm.

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Dive Courses

Wolf Rock Dive offers an Adventure Dive Course and an Advanced Open Water course. Please not we do not offer any beginner courses, as we dive deeper than 18 metres.

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Grey Nurse Sharks

Carcharias Taurus is the Latin name for what we Aussies commonly call the grey nurse shark. Wolf Rock is the most important aggregation site for these animals.

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First Aid

Wolf Rock Dive offers a number of First Aid courses including Provide First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Course in Oxygen First Aid for Dive Accidents.

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Commercial DivING

Flag Alpha Commercial Divers provide a wide range of commercial diving services to Government, Corporate and private sectors.

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Thank you Kevin and Cheryl for a professional dive I felt at ease with your flawless preparation. Awesome experience with the big 3 covered on this dive - sharks, manta ray and groper mind blowing. This is one of the great dives in Australia.

"Amazing Dive"

Great dive site, great dive centre and great people. I honestly only have good words towards Kev and Cheryl who guided the whole day with extreme professionalism and friendliness. The dive site is really worthwhile doing, there is heaps of life down there! We got to see plenty of grey nurse sharks, spotted eagle rays, bull rays, leopard sharks and even a manta ray which was awesome as we were out of season.

"One of the best dives on the east coast"

Cheryl and Kevin look after you on this dive. The equipment was really well maintained, the dive preparations were excellent and the dives were superb. Wolf Rock is a slightly trickier dive, with currents swirling around the rocks. We must have seen a good 15 or so nursing sharks and a couple of leopard sharks, with close ups with manta, eagle and sting rays. The combination of the currents and the sea life make this dive one that I would want to repeat.

"This dive will not leave you cold"