Have you always wanted to try SCUBA Diving?

If you have always wanted to try SCUBA diving but are not ready to commit to the Open Water Course the Discover SCUBA Diving Course (DSD) is the course for you! A one day introductory experience (that can be accredited to the full Open Water license) that allows you to enjoy the wonders of the underwater world in one day.

What is involved?

  • A short theory session detailing the core safety considerations you must be aware of to enjoy your first Open Water Dive
  • An introduction to SCUBA equipment
  • A pool session going over key safety skills needed to enjoy your day
  • A boat road out to one of our training sites and an Open Water Dive between 6 and 12 metres with our Scuba instructors

Can anyone SCUBA Dive?

Minimum age 12

If you are in good health you can SCUBA dive. You will complete a medical questionnaire prior to taking in the course and may need to obtain an AS.4005 Diving medical from a diving Dr. 

*minimum numbers apply, all trips are weather dependant